Heated Toilet Seat As A Measure Of National Prosperity

2018 has proven that the real estate is a pretty nice business with the year’s ongoing hot marketing trends. For one, home prices now are higher than last year. Secondly, houses today are selling faster than last year as well.

Given this leaning, it is most likely that individuals can make a nice profit as property sellers. Whether offering their house or others, the patterns are saying that they can sell a property at a higher price with plenty of buyers in the market. Likewise, the sellers have more negotiation power in their hands considering the prospects around them.

It also helps that the property they sell is not only attractive but technologically advanced, too. In Japan, for instance, every home is encouraged to have a bidet, and a heated toilet seat as these features have become a necessary measure of national prosperity.

National Prosperity and Culture

In this year and age wherein technology is developing so quickly, it seems that almost everything is possible. What is nice about this as well is that there is a growing cultural acceptance of some habits, like how one wipes their behind.

With the debut of a bidet, many are now seeing its environmental benefits. Many are aware that toilet paper comes from trees and with a bidet, less tissue paper is needed to clean oneself after each bathroom break. The water from the bidet is what would help them clean themselves.

As many are accepting bidets, they also see the beauty of a heated toilet seat. The days of long sitting on standard toilets as cold as ice is now gone as they enjoy the high-tech, heated, warm water spraying bidet toilets.

National Prosperity and Health Advantages

A heated toilet seat brings comfort especially to those suffering from arthritic discomfort and stiff muscles. They no longer need to endure the cold seat of a toilet bowl which may bring added pain and discomfort. A heated toilet seat will also help to loosen stiff muscles as its heat relieves the muscle aches and pains.

There are various models of heated toilet seats. As some can be controlled using a remote control, others use the house electricity to operate it fully. The users can adjust the temperature depending on how they can take the hotness of the seat. Some heated toilet seats also come with an adjustable water temperature wherein they can control the coldness or hotness of the water depending on their comfort level.

National Prosperity and Technology

Many assume that with technology, such electric-heated toilet consumes high electricity. As a matter of fact, heated toilet seats use minimal electricity. Some models have a power saving mode which goes on sleep mode when not in use to lessen energy consumption. There are also units that one can wire along with the light in the bathroom. Whenever the bathroom light turns on, the heater also turns on.

Another innovation that comes with a heated toilet seat is its self-cleaning property. With a self-cleaning nozzle, it will eliminate disgusting bacteria, germs, and other microbes left behind after each use. Aside from preventing bacterial growth, build up of foul odor is also avoided with its built-in deodorizer. There are even units with heated air dryers, too, that blow dry the posterior and genital area after each bidet use. The warm air dries off the area, leaving one not to use toilet paper anymore.

For those planning to sell their properties, most economists say that 2018 is the right time. This year has proven that the real estate is a profitable business given the ongoing hot trends. But to help with the higher possibility of sales, it helps that the house is technologically advanced, too, aside from having a beautiful location and feature.