Relocation Advice for Businesses: The Advantages of Moving to a Serviced Office

According to a nationwide analysis conducted earlier this year, roughly two out of every five businesses in the United Kingdom are looking for a new space and planning to relocate sometime in the next 12 months.

So if you happen to be interested in boosting your operational versatility while simultaneously decreasing your overhead expenditures, this brief editorial will explain why contemporary serviced offices represent the foremost option at your disposal.

Adaptable Rental Plans

Far too many companies are tied down to lengthy, cumbersome agreements with their current facilities, which is exactly why serviced offices are becoming so popular in today’s landscape. Whether you wish to avail yourself of a cost-conscious, short-term license agreement or a long-term lease for added stability, you’ll be able to establish a personalised rental contract and comfortably fit the associated fees into your budget.

Plus, all routine bills – such as water, electricity, web access, and other standardised outlays – are included into a single weekly or monthly rate, which allows you to avoid the most common fluctuations throughout the year.

Unsurpassed Inclusions and Services

In addition to being economical and practical, modernised full-service offices are also renowned for being able to provide a robust assortment of essential features and necessities. Such necessities can include the following:

  • Professionally managed reception area with on-demand postal services
  • New-age CCTV tracking implements and round-the-clock security assistance
  • Versatile function rooms, suites, and meeting areas with presentation screens
  • Broadband Internet access throughout the entire facility
  • Inclusive kitchen area with free tea, coffee, and water offered each day
  • Readily available printers, scanners, and other technological provisions
  • Shower areas, gym access, bicycle stowage, and general warehousing

Irrespective of the size or scope of your organisation, your staff members will be able enjoy a myriad of amenities and truly immerse themselves in the typical workday.

Prime Location

If you take a moment to visit the website of an eminent full-service office building – such as – you’ll notice that these remarkable facilities are able to put forth a desirable physical location that significantly increases accessibility and convenience. Thus, in stark contrast to the obscure, secluded buildings that many companies find themselves attached to, the most distinguished serviced offices can tout a highly sought-after setting which can include the following features:

  • Directly adjacent to the renowned Albert Dock
  • Ten minute walk from Liverpool’s civic centre
  • 30 minutes from the local airport
  • Striking panoramic views of the city skyline and the River Mersey
  • Nearby bus stops and dedicated walking routes

Additionally, it’s important to note that these buildings are fully furnished, intricately designed, and regularly maintained, which means you’ll be able to confidently host clientele and rest easy knowing that your suite will remain in pristine condition each and every day.

All it takes is one consultation to create an affordable agreement and finally move to the location of your dreams, so be sure to book an introductory meeting sooner rather than later.