What To Expect When You Hire An Agent To Sell Your House

Selling your house opens up a world of opportunity. You can use the money to buy a smaller property and then the leftover money can then be used for something else.

Hiring an agent is a wise choice when you are selling your house. There are several things to expect when the agent is assisting you with this process.

The Agent Is Going To Ask You About How Much You Would Like For The House

  • The agent is going to ask you about how much you would like for the house. They earn a commission of the sale of the house, so it is in their interest to try and sell your house for the asking price. Once they have done this, they will perform a valuation of the house. This is not going to take a large amount of time.

The Agent Is Going To Take Pictures Of The House And Then Post Them Online

  • Selling the house through an online site with the help of Estate agents in Hornchurch, Essex will be better than placing an advert in a local shop window.
  • The agent will take flattering pictures of the house and the garden. Then they are going to create a profile for the house. These pictures are going to attract potential buyers to take a look around the house.

The Agent Is Going To Carefully Stage Every Room In The House

  • The agent is going to take great care to stage every single room in the house. This means that they will arrange the furniture and other appliances in a certain way. This has a psychological effect on the people who are viewing your property.
  • They might position the chairs in a certain way or they could move the bed to another part of the room. You are going to have some creative input into the process. The furniture can be moved back once the potential buyers have left your house.

The Agent Is Going To Negotiate On Your Behalf

  • The agent has to draw on all of their skill and experience when they are negotiating for you. They are going to make sure that the price is not unfair. They may be able to convince the potential buyers to pay the asking price that you are looking for. This is going to be a favourable outcome for both you and the agent.
  • Ask your friends about an agent they used, and specifically inquire about how good the agent was at negotiating.

The Agent Is Going To Keep You Up To Date With The Progress

  • You might not have time to keep track of all the offers that have been made, but an agent will. They are going to inform you about the offers that potential buyers have made and whether these offers have changed over time.


An agent is going to present your house in an appealing way and then they are going to negotiate on your behalf.