What You Should Know about Your Choices for Relocating Your Belongings to Spain

If you have decided to make Spain your home, good for you! Lots of people have decided to take that step, and they have certainly not regretted it. But moving to Spain comes with its own set of complications, most notably when it comes to your belongings. Whether you are relocating to Spain from the United Kingdom or another country, there are some things you should know about relocating your belongings. Fortunately, you have several options in regard to the relocation of your belongings, especially your furniture, but it pays to learn more about these options so that you can make the proper choice. Here, then, is what you need to know about your options for relocating your belongings to Spain.

Seeking help from an international removals partner

Your first choice would be to seek help from an international removals partner. You have to think about different factors which can affect your decision, such as customs fees and taxes, quarantine, and other restrictions or limitations. You also have to consider the time you have to spend packing your items and picking them up, the period for the delivery of your articles, and so on. Whilst cost will always be a factor, there are some removals firms which can offer savings for big items like furniture or cars. If you don’t have time to prepare for your move or pack your things and take care of paperwork, it may be well worth opting for an international removals partner.

Relying on air freight

Another option would be to rely on air freight, and for this, you can have your items shipped to a variety of airports across Spain, such as the airports in Arrecife, Bilbao, Barcelona, Malaga, Madrid, Seville, Palma de Mallorca, Zaragoza, and more. Find out which airport is nearest to your planned location so that you can choose accordingly. But keep in mind that when you move your belongings by air freight, this is generally more expensive than relying on an international removals firm. If you want to move your possessions as urgently as possible, then air freight may be best.

Opting for a shipping partner

You can also ship your belongings to Spain, and with its five major ports, namely Valencia, Barcelona, Bilbao, Las Palmas, and Bahia de Algeciras, you have several choices. Shipping via container is often cheaper than using air freight services, and the cost will usually be based on the size of the container and whether or not your belongings are grouped with other customers. Shipping may take a longer time than air freight, but if you’re not in a hurry and would like to spend less on relocation, this may be a good option for you. Note that if you are shipping from the UK, you may expect to have your belongings in approximately a week, as the experts in property for sale in Moraira from Watkins Wilson attest.

You can also choose to get help from a special relocation company which can transport your goods by road, particularly if you are coming from the UK. A relocation company can offer a service that’s door to door, removing the hassle of picking your belongings up yourself, and some can even provide professional packing, which is indeed handy if you don’t have time to pack it all yourself as well.

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